Lesson Summary

In this prompt, you are required to input a video description, including the core topic or subject matter, into ChatGPT or Claude. The AI will then generate 20 YouTube video titles that aim to spark curiosity by creating intriguing questions or mysteries related to the topic. The method involves crafting punchy titles under 50 characters, utilizing numbers, superlatives, and strong adjectives without resorting to clickbait techniques. The approach ensures the titles are concise, informative, and engaging while maintaining grammatical accuracy and readability.

Why This Prompt Works

  • The usage of curiosity gaps in titles entices viewers to click, increasing video performance.
  • By following a structured methodology, the generated titles are consistent and effective.
  • The concise, powerful titles benefit from the inclusion of numbers and strong adjectives.
  • Proper formatting and clear step-by-step procedures enhance the impact of the titles.

Thumbnail Tips

  1. Keep thumbnail design simple with 2-3 key elements.
  2. Utilize contrasting, complementary colors for a visually appealing look.
  3. Employ the rule of thirds for balanced layouts.
  4. Maintain consistency in color palette, font, and style for brand recognition.
  5. Find fresh inspiration from channels across different niches.
  6. Use text sparingly on thumbnails to provide context or storytelling.
  7. Create the thumbnail concept before the video for better synergy.
  8. Experiment with popular thumbnail styles for eye-catching designs.
  9. Test thumbnails at small sizes for device compatibility.
  10. Benefit from AI tools to streamline thumbnail design.
  11. Include close-up shots of expressive faces for emotional connection.
  12. Conduct A/B tests with different thumbnail versions to identify audience preferences.

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